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28683 resize EBV’s

PWW 6.8, EMD 1.6, Fat -2.6 Carcass Plus 163

Bunker Hill 2868 is sired by Mint Gold 2005.  He provides us with a bit of an outcross and is a lot of sheep in a small package. We are very excited with his lamb from last year and also used his best son this fall. His dam is a "War Horse" daughter

Bunker Hill 2968
 2968resize EBVs

PWW 8.0, EMD 2.0, Fat -3.1 Carcass Plus 173

Bunker Hill 2968 was not used as a lamb in 2014 due to his young age. He represents the highest indexing ram we have ever used and has that nice balance of growth and muscle we are looking for. BH2968 is sired by MSU 152 and out of a "Sparty" daughter.

Bunker Hill 2870
2870 1resize

PWW 6.9  EMD 1.6   Fat -2.3 Carcass Plus 162


BH 2870 is the best "War Horse" son we have ever raised and has the same dam as the $4300 ram we sold in the 2014 NSIP sale. He is a massive bodied ram with lots of bone and large testicles in a moderate sized package. Of the four ram lambs we used in 2014 he is the one we chose to breed with again this year.

Bunker Hill 3040 & Bunker Hill 3043(enjoying a good laugh with Tom Boyer)  
Tom and Bill 2014 resize

BH 3040 EBV’s
PWW 12.7, EMD -.9, Fat -3.6   Carcass Plus 164 

BH3043 EBVs PWW 7.3, EMD1.7, Fat-3.4, Carcass Plus 170

We used BH3040 strickly for his growth. His PWW EBV is one of the highest in the breed.He is sired by BH2895 and out of a "Sparty" daughter. BH3043 as a very complete ram with tremendous mass. He is sired by BH2868 and out of a "Sparty" daughter.